States of Undress is what would happen if Jeanne Beker’s Fashion Televison and classic news program 60 Minutes had a baby. Now in its second season, States of Undress features host Hailey Gates, who investigates the politics of clothes all over the world.

Anyone who puts any thought into what they wear knows that personal style is loaded with meaning. Style intersects with class, cultural norms, religious beliefs, and so much more. Well, States of Undress examines those intersecting factors, truly dissecting what clothes mean to society as a whole, and to the individuals who wear them.

After binge-watching several episodes last weekend, I can tell you States of Undress is the TV series fashion lovers have been waiting for. In it, Gates travels the globe, which in and of itself provides opportunities for jaw-dropping style, scenery and food porn.

The series also manages to be substantive and supremely educational. It examines issues as serious as the headscarf ban in French schools, which actively victimizes hijab-wearing Muslim teen girls, who are forced to decide between following their religious belief in veiling or continuing their education.

Other episodes see Gates travel to Thailand to report on the experiences of transgender models, or to Lebanon, where she witnesses how Syrian refugees are contributing to the country’s vibrant couture scene. You’ll walk away from this viewing experience not only with more fashion sense, but also a better sense about current events!

States of Undress airs Tuesdays at 10 PM. I can’t wait for the next episode. This is the ultimate show for news junkies who also inhale VOGUE.