I think the Northern Lights are totally boss. Seriously, who doesn’t? Something weird happens with space and the atmosphere and possibly plasma and all of a sudden these weird and beautiful curtains of light drape themselves across the sky. Way cool. Unfortunately, if you, like myself, have been city bound lo these many summer months, your opportunity to see the lights is confined to smoking marijuana cigarettes and searching ‘Northern Lights’ time lapse videos on Youtube. Hardly a substitute for the real thing. But Urban Monsters, rejoice! According to Science, all this crazy hot weather we’ve been having, and the subsequent thunder storms, means a very high chance that the Northern Lights will be visible in the Eastern United States and Toronto in the next few days. WEEEE! Most exciting. So get your favourite blanket, drink of choice, and go see yourself some Aurora Borealis. Late Tuesday and early Wednesday is the time to catch ’em!