What it is about taboo topics that make them so delicious to talk about? Also what the hell makes so many female body-oriented subjects taboo, anyways? If you’re looking to spend a night away from fear that you can’t talk about the weird thing your diva cup did last week, or that it would be inappropriate to mention the time you freaked out and took a whole row of birth control pills after a condom broke, look no further than Stories From the Red Tent, a night of menstrual comedy to have you laughing and cringing with some of Toronto’s funniest lady comics at the helm. 

Normally I’d wince at the term “lady comics” because hi, obviously you just mean “comics” (when was the last time you heard someone referred to as a “man lawyer”?), but in this instance it seems particularly relevant that the comedians in question are female. These gals have seen some shit. Some menarche shit. The night will be hosted by Shedoesthecity favourites Catherine McCormick and Natalie Norman—who also brought us the Humourless Feminists Comedy Night—and features comedians and storytellers from across the city, including Steph Tolev and Sandra Battaglini.

Honestly, this thing happens to most of us once a damn month and we’re not supposed to talk about it? PLEASE. I have some stories about tampon malfunction that would make your maxi pad curl, and I bet the performers have got worse.The event is supported by SlutWalk Toronto and event proceeds will benefit women’s reproductive health services provider Planned Parenthood Toronto. Blame your hangover the next day on PMS, see you there.

Advance tickets can be purchased here, or at the door tomorrowThursday July 25 (it’s only playing for one night!). The doors of the Garrison (1197 Dundas St. W.) open at 8.