For the women who are struggling, for the women in long-term recovery who are seeking another avenue for support—a community to grow in—or for any woman who is curious about the recovery journey, She Recovers is hosting a day-long event in Toronto on June 9, and we have one pass to give away!

Since I was first introduced to She Recovers at their conference in NYC in May 2017, this community has grown to become my backbone of support. Some of you may know that on Friday evenings, I help facilitate a local She Recovers meet-up in Toronto at West Neighbourhood House. It is the pause in my week that allows me to recalibrate, and the women in the group have become close confidantes. We listen to one another, and through sharing our lived experiences, we help each other navigate the ups and downs of daily life.

Maybe you are wondering, is She Recovers for me? Who attends these events? Everyone is welcome! After all, we’re all recovering from something.

To paint a picture for you: there are women in our group who are on Day 1 of trying to stop drinking; there are women who are realizing that their nightly wine ritual is impacting their life in a way they don’t like but aren’t sure what to do; there are women in our group who are coming off opioids, recovering from sexual assault, living with eating disorders, dealing with complex anxiety, navigating an emotionally abusive relationship, and everything else you can imagine. We are strong, we are resilient, and we are actively working on our recovery. 

If you are curious about this movement, you should definitely join us on June 9 for the special day-long event (or swing by the meet-up this Friday)! On June 9, She Recovers mother/daughter co-founders, Dawn and Taryn, will be at the Burroughes Building to share the story of how this community began and has since grown to 275,000+ women worldwide (YOU ARE NOT ALONE). They will also share a little bit about their personal journeys.

Further, there are two *powerhouse* speakers lined up: Jennifer Podemski will speak on Recovering from Illness and Addiction by Harnessing Indigenous Knowledge and Wisdom around RematriationAnn Dowsett Johnston is a gifted author and public speaker and will speak on Reimagining Recovery. (Who has read her book, Drink? Fun fact: I’m a chapter in it; my name is Maggie. A few years back, I was very lucky to have Ann as my sponsor in AA.) 

I will also take the stage to share a bit about myself, and introduce one of our Friday group members who began her journey from alcohol use disorder in January, and is an inspiration to all of us.

Yoga, healthy food, laughter, connection: It’s going to be a fantastic day. Reserve your spot here. (This WILL sell out, so don’t wait!)

She Recovers is the sisterhood I didn’t know I needed until I fell backwards into it. Now, I don’t know how I’d live without it! And it might just change your life. 


So, who wants to join? Seriously, we all got shit! You have three ways to enter:

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM: LIKE + COMMENT on our She Recovers post.

TWITTER: Tweet “Yes @shedoesthecity, please send me to the @She_Recovers #CreatingConnection Tour. We are all recovering from something.”