Adam “MCA” Yauch’s May 4th death after a long battle with throat cancer was met with an outpouring of nostalgia and gratitude as we remembered the life of an extraordinary musical visionary and humanitarian. Though I don’t usually get all teary-eyed from celeb deaths, this one hit home.

The Beastie Boys provided the soundtrack to my childhood and teenage years: from blaring my sister’s copy of Paul’s Boutique (the lyrics of which still occupy a significant portion of my long-term memory) in our living room tape deck, to making up dances to Intergalactic (“Ok…how do we act like stir fry in a wok?”), MCA’s passing summoned all those formative moments the Beasties  Boys’ music provided.

On Friday May 18th, Midnight Poutine and Pop Montreal will honour MCA in a way of which we know he’d approve: with a big, bangin’ all-night dance party. The evening will feature special appearances by members of the Montreal DJ community, including DJ Brace, Capitaine Soldat, Wilcox & Promise, DJ Zgeb, and more to be announced! Door proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Beastie Boys costumes are mandatory! Need a costume idea? Take a cue from these adorable kids, re-enacting the classic Beastie Boys video Sabotage, and sport your finest moustache, aviator and donut combo. Midnight Poutine and Pop Montreal will award prizes to the best Beastie Boys costume and the biggest donor.

Super Disco Breakin’: Friday May 18 @ Jackie & Judy, 6152 du Parc, from 9pm-3am.
$5 minimum donation at the door.

~ Heidi Craig