Superfoods for Better Sex at The Everything To Do With Sex Show! A Q&A with nutritionist Marni Wasserman

At the Everything To Do With Sex Show, Nutritionist and Health Strategist Marni Wasserman will host the seminar, Superfoods for Better Sex. While rolling frozen grapes on your lover’s inner thigh, or stripping down for a coconut oil massage are wonderful activities, food in the bedroom is just one example of how food and intimacy can intertwine; it’s a relationship that runs deep.

For a delicious little teaser, we asked Marni to reveal some secrets about food and sex. Yum.

We’ve heard about oysters and chocolate, but what are some lesser known foods that are considered to be aphrodisiacs?

Asparagus and Maca Root – these foods are both known to boost libido.

What do you recommend a couple cook together for a seriously sensual experience? 

An amazing meal for a couple to make together is a delicious salad with figs and pear, a warming squash soup with ginger, black quinoa with currants and asparagus and for dessert dark chocolate cake with wild raspberries.

What is your favourite steamy scene in a movie that involves food?

One of the best sex scenes is in The Thomas Crown Affair 🙂

What item in the grocery store really turns you on?

Hmm. I would have to go with strawberries, especially when they are in season. They are juicy, ripe, fresh and sweet.

What will you be focusing your seminar on at The Everything To Do With Sex Show?

I will be talking about some of the top aphrodisiac foods and some superfoods and how you can use them in everyday recipes. Giving tips and ideas of what to buy, where to buy and how to use them.

Healthy living and great sex – what’s the short answer to explain the connection?

Living a healthy lifestyle means eating well, exercising and drinking lots of water. Having great sex fits into this as well, as it keeps your body active and healthy. The cleaner your diet is, the more likely you are to feel better about yourself, have more confidence and radiate your sex appeal!

Excite your appetite, whet your palette and learn things at The Everything To Do With Sex Show this weekend! Endless inspiration. We dare you to be creative.

The Everything To Do With Sex Show is in Toronto Oct 24-26th. Superfoods for Better Sex seminar schedule here.

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