1. Pencil Box + Pencils
Lisa Frank is sooo naughts. We like to imagine Suri Cruise has a discerning taste when it comes to school supplies, and this patterned pencil box with matching pencils? Yes.
$10 at Top Shop

2. Distinctly Scandinavian Wallpaper
What do you get the kid that has everything? Custom wallpaper. Her bedroom is presumably as big as a mid-sized Toronto apartment, so we might be needing a lot of this.
Price depending on quantity at Ella and Elliot

3. All-in-1 Retro Kitchen
When it comes to play kitchens, this one really takes the Easy-Bake cake.
$406 at Pottery Barn Kids

4. Butterfly Lampshade
Anthropologie’s home decor reaches new and unprecedented levels of whimsy. This butterfly lampshade would be perfect for Suri’s massive bedroom. And if we timed it right, she’s probably in the midst of the inevitable post-toddler butterfly phase.
$88-$148 at Anthropologie

5. iPad
This will shut her up while mummy and daddy are trying to relax. Plus, her assistant can use this to schedule Suri’s play dates.
Starting at $519 at an Apple Store near you

6. Hermes Colouring Book
Colouring books that clock in anywhere less than $100 are for the proletariate masses. We will not have Suri Cruise stooping to such a level. This is a colouring book for the 1 per cent.
$135 at Hermes

~ Elli Stuhler