Gifting lounges are a crazy phenomenon. Imagine rows and rows of products, and smiling faces eager to tell you about them. They are one of the many amazing perks that come with being really, really, really famous. But the Essentials Lounge has rounded up the best of their great A-List gifts and packaged them into two lovely kits to give away to SDTC readers. This is basically the best grab bag ever.

So whaddya get? What don’t you get is probably a better question. The Survival Kit is stocked with everything you need to get through the Festival. A Benefit Cosmetics Complexion Kit, Calvin Klein intimates, Elizabeth Grant Skincare, a 10-day supply of vitaminwater, Gourmet Bitches hot sauce, John Frieda Haircare products, Tan on the Run Face Spray, Tealish Stress Buster tea, TUMS freshers, Vitamints, and a Winks Enhance last set.

Once the festival is over, everyone breathes a sigh of “OMGthatwasfunandI’mtired.” The Essentials Lounge Recovery Kit will help you re-acclimate into the real world, with John Frieda Haircare products, Joy-o-Toes, an unlimited one week pass to Misfit Studio, a three-day cleanse from Raw Juice Guru, a snazzy napper to curl up in, Sleep Fairy tea from Tealish, and Vitamints.

Winners receive both kits!

So. Much. Swag! To enter, tweet “I need #TIFF12 Survival and Recovery Essentials @shedoesthecity #EssentialsLounge2012”

~ Haley Cullingham