Hello, Graduation. Hello, Anxiety

For most pre-adults (because that’s what most of us in our 20s are—like adult larvae) university is a warm cocoon where we are sheltered from life’s real problems. Just ask any grad school applicant why they are continuing their education and “I don’t know what else to do” will factor somewhere in the answer, at… Read More »

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PhD Land: Comprehensive Exams vs. My Brain

I have read 120 history books and articles since September. My peers and I purposely try not to keep track of the number of books, though, because having finally stopped to count, I am now gently vomiting onto my laptop and laptop accessories (my lap and my top—keep up). 120 is a terrifying number for… Read More »

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PhD Land: To Dissertate or Not to Dissertate

I once said the following to my father: “If I ever decide to do a PhD – please make sure you stop me.” Shortly after making this proclamation, I sat across from my soon-to-be doctoral supervisor at a dinner and we talked all evening. I walked home with the makings of a PhD application proposal… Read More »

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