She Does The City is excited to partner with Humble Empire and Young Lions Music Club to present Live in Bellwoods: Great Heart Festival 2012

Ah, Live in Bellwoods. A time of lounging in the sun and listening to always memorable and often unexpected sets from your favourite bands. A time when everyone at NXNE, wristband or no, ID or no, can gather in the park and enjoy awesome tunes and each other. This year, the totally free performance series… Read More »

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Our guide to Canadian Music Week 2012!

March is the official start of Festival season, and Canadian Music Week is here! Don’t be overwhelmed, we’ve got our top picks for every night of the fest, which runs from Wednesday, March 21st until the 25th, all over the city. To make your life even easier, they’ve created a Social Media Cheat Sheet, with all… Read More »

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Ben Caplan, who starts a month-long residency February 1st at Supermarket, on what gives him music boners

Ben Caplan doesn’t mince words.  (And neither do I, his month-long residency starts tonight, February 1st, at Supermarket (268 Augusta Ave)!  See you there!!)  The Halifax-based musician (who hails from Hamilton – word!!) is an enigmatic blend of raging gypsy melodies and bellowing proclamations of honesty and soul.  More than the music, though, Ben’s a… Read More »

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