The Broke Girl’s Guide To: Cheap Dates

The temperature is rising, and so are our libidos. The sun is out, and love (or some form of lust or infatuation, at least) is in the air. So whether you’ve already found the apple of your eye or are actively seeking a fling before summer arrives, there are plenty of fun activities that tight-for-cash… Read More »

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The Broke Girl’s Guide To: Pimping your crib

Flowers are blooming, street-side patios are opening, and bike lane traffic is again becoming a reality. And closer to home, the change in seasons beckons your annual swap-out of sweaters for summer dresses and Sorels for flip flops. You might be doing a bit of spring cleaning, too, and after all the dust has cleared… Read More »

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The Broke Girl’s Guide To: Small Space Gardening

Around my neighbourhood, I’ve noticed spring’s first flower buds poking through the soil. I’m especially envious of the purple crocuses and tiny hyacinths dotting a neighbour’s front yard that I get to admire on my daily commute to the TTC station. Unfortunately, living in a second floor apartment, I don’t have a lush front lawn… Read More »

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The Broke Girl’s Guide to: Bike Repair

We decided to skip the column on The Broke Girl’s Guide to: Transportation, as it would have consisted of two words: “Walk,” and “bike.” The former is quite self-explanatory, but the latter is a bit more complicated and can become a pricey hobby for the inexperienced. Whether you’re already out riding a rusty set of… Read More »

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The Broke Girl’s Guide to: Getting Fit

Although you wouldn’t know it by looking out your windows at the moment, spring has sprung. And that means only one thing – bikini season is right around the corner. So if you, like me, spent the winter stuffing your face with pulled pork poutine, you know your bikini bod is hiding in there… somewhere.… Read More »

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The Broke Girl’s Guide To: Pampering Yourself

Broke girls needn’t look like broke girls. And there are more than a few ways to pamper yourself and get limbered up in the city without digging too deep into those already shallow pockets. Teaching schools are an awesome way to get the beauty services you seek at a fraction of the price. Massages If… Read More »

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