Gift ideas that support our local farmers!

They toil in the sweltering heat of summer and go to great lengths to make things to grow in sub zero temperatures, all in the name of bringing us tasty local produce all year round. Let’s show our city’s farmers some appreciation this holiday season by giving gifts that support their valiant deeds!

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Toronto's Best Comfort Food

Whether it’s the beginning of school, the insanity of TIFF, the rumble of moving trucks, or the chill we all feel creeping into the air, this is one crazy time of year. If you need a respite from real life, or you need to lend a shoulder to cry on, nothing says ‘it’s going to… Read More »

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Good Grub from Good Folks: Burger Bar

319 Augusta Ave. Nestled on Augusta in Kensington Market and outfitted like an old west saloon (a really cool one, where the animal heads are wood sculptures), Burger Bar is about to become your new favourite comfort food. Opened in Rice Bar’s old digs, by the same owner (Rice Bar is relocating next year), Burger… Read More »

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