Toronto Hit List: Seinfeld Trivia Night, 1993, One Night Only, Party & Bull$hit & more!

January 9th-26th Hedwig & The Angry Inch @ The Drake Underground, 1150 Queen St. W. “A rock concert with plenty of biographical interludes courtesy of trans-bombshell Hedwig, former East-German twink and lead singer of nonchalant indie band ‘The Angry Inch’. This production takes the audience through a tragic story of betrayal, emotional and physical sacrifice, and… Read More »

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Syd Tha Kyd Live at #TurntUp

The crowd was stomping on bottle service tables and lighting off fireworks at Cheval last week for Odd Future’s Syd Tha Kyd. Her DJ set had the #TurntUp masses losing their minds. Check out our photo gallery from the night, but be warned: If you weren’t there, these pics will lead to serious FOMO. Photos by… Read More »

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Weekend Ideas: Where the men at?

This week we have received several e-mails concerning Valentine’s Day related issues : “Where should a group of single ladies go on Valentine’s Day?” “Where are all the good men in this city hiding?” “What parties should we hit up to flirt like mad this Saturday?” Although we can’t say for certain where you will… Read More »

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Valentine's Day

Either you are dreading it or have been masterminding some elaborate plan that involves masks, potions, cuffs and finicky lingerie. Oh sweet Valentine’s Day; it’s a love-hate thing. While some girls turn into dancing kittens with cartoon hearts fluttering around heads, others will escalate into absolute rage, stabbing voodoo dolls and throwing glass at the… Read More »

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Love me tender… Or Else.

A Titillating Show and Unique Shopping Experience for Agent Provocateur Lingerie at Cheval Nightclub When I heard that Agent Provocateur was moving to Toronto, I creamed my panties.  Are you aware of how sexy this lingerie is? If you’ve ever considered doing the whole trench coat thing, where you lean against a hotel room door,… Read More »

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