CONTEST! Enter to win a double pass to WINTER’S TALE

Opening this Valentine’s Day, Winter’s Tale is a cinematically stunning thriller about miracles, love that defies the odds, and the age-old battle between good and evil. Set in 1916 and present day Manhattan, the film is based on Mark Helprin’s critically acclaimed novel, and follows the story of a charming burglar (Colin Farrell) who falls… Read More »

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Ladies who do TIFF: JacFlash owner, Jaclyn Genovese, ends the night in modern interpretive dance circle with Val Kilmer

The young and fashionable Jaclyn Genovese, owner of JacFlash boutique situated next to Queen West swing club Wicked, is renowned for her offbeat style and hard partying. Whether she’s wearing weirdass vampire contacts in her eyes or shoulder pads that could take flight, we admire her chutzpah and “whatever…fuck” attitude. But why we really wanted… Read More »

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