Amanda from the Hot Plate hears your favourite summer flavours, and shares her favourite summer recipes

We were so excited to see everyone’s mouth-watering, ice-cream-dripping-down-your-arm answers for SDTC’s summer taste poll . In fact, summer flavours are some of my favourites. All of the bright, fresh flavors that can only come from seasonal ingredients make every meal a delicious dream. Not to mention that just about any fruit tastes amazing when… Read More »

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The Hot Plate: French Onion Soup

From the cooking-simple to those of us with gourmet ambitions, we all want to impress in the kitchen, but sometimes we need a little help. Luckily, there’s The Hot Plate, the cooking show for the rest of us. The M.O.? Quick, easy recipes to impress everyone from a first date to your roommates to your snotty in-laws.… Read More »

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