An interview with Conor Lavelle, vocalist/guitarist from Toronto band Fort York, who are crowd-funding to make their second record a reality

Amidst the streetcar clangs, unrelenting cab honks and herds of pedestrians, it’s hard to imagine a band like Fort York could spawn from Toronto’s downtown centre. Listening to the folksy rockers musters up images of dreamy backcountry road trips and orange sunsets flickering through the car window. But however Canadiana-country they sound, vocalist/guitarist Conor Lavelle… Read More »

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Nightlife Events, Dec. 8-13: A Star-Studded Tribute to The Band, A Charitable Rave, and BIG CITY NIGHTS Sponsored by SDTC

Tuesday, December 8: 10pm. Timebomb Tuesdays @ Tattoo Underground. Arguably the best dance party Tuesday offers and $3 drinks till midnight! 567 Queen St. Wednesday, December 9: 10pm. Deep Red @ The Red Light. No cover, just disco, house, boogie and soul. 1185 Dundas St. W. Thursday, December 10: 5pm. Manhattan Thursdays @ The Roosevelt… Read More »

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