Montreal Hit List – Divers/Cité, Osheaga, MEG Boat Cruise and more!

MONDAY JULY 29 TO SUNDAY AUGUST 4 Divers/Cité @ mainly Quai Jacques-Cartier, but a few other venues around town, too. Montreal’s foremost gay pride festival, Divers/Cité, begins this week and goes through Sunday with numerous concerts, film screenings, foodie experiences, and more. The full program is available here; ticket information here. THURSDAY AUGUST 1 10pm.… Read More »

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Pop 5, Brit Edition: Banksy does The Simpsons, Lennon film Nowhere Boy, The Inbetweeners, Dianna Vickers, Ellie Goulding

The Simpsons Gets Dark- Everyone’s favourite yellow family might be dysfunctional, but they’ve never been this bleak. Cue British graffiti artist Banksy! His version of the credit sequence depicts Asian workers killing kitties to stuff Bart dolls and doing some rough things to Pandas and Unicorns. Supposedly a statement on outsourcing animation work to Korea,… Read More »

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Star Hands Are The New Jazz Hands: Ellie Goulding

This Starry Eyed UK songstress reminds us of Lady Gaga and Lykke Li’s lovechild-so needless to say, we’re smitten. She runs 10 kilometres every day, she plays a zillion different instruments, and she likes Haruki Murakami and Lauryn Hill. Boss. We guarantee one listen to her new single, Starry Eyed, will have you hooked-you’ll be… Read More »

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