Rendez-Vous a Paris: My Voyage, Then and Now

The first time I travelled to Paris, I was sixteen. I had baby fat, a terrible I’m-growing-out-my-Winona-Ryder-pixie-cut, and I was a virgin. I went to Paris to complete my OAC (a.k.a. grade 13, a.k.a. a-fifth-year-in-high-school-that-really-wasn’t-too-bad-and-maybe-they-should-bring-it-back-because-seventeen-years-old-is-way-young-for-university) French studies. I convinced one of my BFFs at the time to join me for the four-week intensive program, and,… Read More »

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How to Transform Yourself into a Savvy Traveller

I moved to Europe this year. (And only for a year- I can’t leave my beloved TO behind for long). Now, the day I moved to Europe happened to be my first time ever being in Europe. And as you can imagine, the learning curve from there has been fairly steep—culturally, linguistically, and in that (albeit cliché) way travelling… Read More »

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The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide to: Packing to Disappear

You’re a grown-ass woman. You’ve worked hard, you’ve saved some money, you’ve made some plans. You can go to Europe—or Thailand or L.A or Calgary, whatever, it’s your life—and you don’t need to come back until you want to! Or until the governing authorities of that country’s border control force you out, whichever comes first.… Read More »

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