Our Favourite Flat Shoes For Summer, From $30

We’re all for a bangin’ pair of high heels, don’t get us wrong. And while we have reaped the benefits of sky-high stilettos (long legs, the formal factor, yadda yadda…) sometimes heels slow us down and for spring we’ve got plenty of places to be so ain’t nothing going to hold us back. Enter: the flat shoe. We’re talking… Read More »

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Want new mukluks? You're in much luck!

DON’T FRONT LIKE YOU WOULDN’T HAVE DONE THE SAME THING. But for serious (not that I wasn’t about that title), on the off chance that you’re already thinking about what boots to buy for fall (or need some to mush around in at the cottage this summer) Manitobah Mukluks is right there with you. And for Fall… Read More »

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