We’re all for a bangin’ pair of high heels, don’t get us wrong. And while we have reaped the benefits of sky-high stilettos (long legs, the formal factor, yadda yadda…) sometimes heels slow us down and for spring we’ve got plenty of places to be so ain’t nothing going to hold us back. Enter: the flat shoe.

We’re talking sneakers, skimmers, espadrilles, and just your every day flat in bright colours with metallic detailing and literal animal prints. This summer, flat shoes are ready for anything you can throw at them and it’s even more helpful that many of them can be found at a low price point. WIN. We are flat out ready for flats. Bring it on summer.

Superga sneaker: Supergas are the best change-up from classic sneakers like Vans and Converse. They have a bit of a platform, which is kind of fun, yet are sporty and classic. If you’re looking for a pair of running shoes that aren’t only for the gym but rather for every day outings, look no further than Superga. Gravity Pope, $70

Opening Ceremony Ballerina Flat: These are like your grandma’s floral couch for your feet—what a treat. Opening Ceremony makes the ultimate cool girl staples and these shoes are no exception. The combination of silver detailing with the light springy florals makes splurging on these flats soooo worth it. Gravity Pope, $345

Zara Flat Sandal with Buckle: Talk about a funky take on the 90s sandal trend/Birkenstock. We will acknowledge that these are definitely not for everyone but if you’re feeling so totally 90s for summer, these will be your best friends on the weekends. Zara, $90

H&M Ballet Pumps: The most basic pair of the bunch, these H&M flats are still key for summertime. They will let your foot breathe with the little perforations and when fall comes and they are no longer white, you won’t feel guilty about chucking them away (that is, if you have destroyed them) because they are cheap. H&M, $30

Cooperative Applique Kitty Skimmer: Let the records show that I am a dog person but I am also a big fan of the literal animal print. We will never turn down a good piece in leopard print but for now, we’re taking a break and wearing actual animal faces on our clothing. Just do it. Urban Outfitters, $34

Kiko Black Strap Shoes: Not going to lie, but these are my number one pick for flat shoes. The combination of all-black plus cut-outs plus buckles makes these shoes not only interesting but also practical—which is the reason we started searching for flats in the first place. They aren’t a basic ballet flat but more of a shoe-boot (shobootie?) and would look nice at work but also on the weekends. These shoes are definite winners. Topshop, $124

Gap Printed Espadrilles: Striped espadrilles for only $30—do we need to say more? No, no we do not. Gap, $30