How to cure 3pm office fatigue

The connection between your lunch and the 3pm slump is not always an obvious one, but your lunch choice can be one of the main culprits of afternoon fatigue. Typical North American lunches are too carbohydrate heavy, and do not contain enough protein and healthy fats. Take for example some lunchtime favourites like sandwiches and… Read More »

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3 steps to stop cravings

A pesky craving can come out of nowhere, and is often thought of as a mental weakness. You can stop beating yourself up though, because cravings are generally a true signal from your body that you should listen to, and not just a sign of weakness. There are plenty of causes for cravings, including improper… Read More »

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6 ways to boost your energy

As a nutritionist, the number one complaint I get from clients is low energy. For some, dragging themselves out of bed is the toughest task of the day; while for others, the dreaded 3pm slump is a low point in their day. Here are six tips I use with my clients to have them feeling… Read More »

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