The connection between your lunch and the 3pm slump is not always an obvious one, but your lunch choice can be one of the main culprits of afternoon fatigue.

Typical North American lunches are too carbohydrate heavy, and do not contain enough protein and healthy fats. Take for example some lunchtime favourites like sandwiches and pasta. The refined carbohydrates end up causing a serious spike in your blood sugar. When your body’s blood sugar levels spike, so does the subsequent insulin production, which ends up leading to a crash in energy a couple of hours later – also known as that dreaded 3pm slump.

Here is a simple solution: Swap out the starchy carbohydrates for vegetables. I’m not saying you have to stop eating the foods you love, like pasta and pizza, but there are replacements you can make. For example, try using spaghetti squash or spiralized zucchini as the noodle base for pasta, or try using cauliflower as the base for a pizza crust.

As the afternoon approaches, it’s important to refuel to keep your energy levels up for the remainder of the day. A great drink to keep you focused and productive is greens+ extra energy, which contains a natural energy boosting formula of taurine and Kola nut along with an the antioxidant equivalent to 6 servings of organic fruits and vegetables. (Keep a container at your desk for easy access!)

Lastly, at some point throughout the afternoon, get up and walk around. As little as a 5 minute stretch or walk can really help alleviate the afternoon slump and have you feeling fresh for the remaining few hours of the workday.

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