Winter: it’s the season when we tend to eat rich comfort foods, spend more time indoors, and get uncomfortably bloated…hopefully in front of a fireplace. Yep, this is the not-so-nice side of the winter season!

I have memories of attending holiday parties, winter weddings and family get-togethers where I was buckled in pain from constipation. Not sure if it’s too many sweet treats, heavy foods, or just stressful times mixed with irregular schedules, but my tummy is known to get out of whack at just the moment when I’m supposed to dress up and be somewhere.

Let’s be honest: pooping should be as much a part of our routines as showering or checking emails, but sometimes our systems go awry when we do things like stay up late watching bad films, get very little exercise or eat too many comfort meals…and we do this until our body can’t go number 2. Hmm: a cold weather conundrum. 

So, this year, on your overflowing to-do list (because it’s too darn cold out to get much done), may we suggest you add a note right at the top to listen to your gut! When your body sends you alert signals, like stomach pain and all-around discomfort, you gotta listen and take action.

Lack of fibre, not enough fluids, stressful times: these can all lead to constipation, so check with your pharmacist or doctor to get professional advice.

Here are some measures you can take to prevent constipation:

  • Avoid eating on the run or skipping meals; keeping to a regular eating schedule will help maintain regularity
  • Make healthy food choices like whole grains, dried fruit and fresh vegetables
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep active
  • Trust your gut – don’t procrastinate pooping!

If you’re still feeling discomfort, don’t wait for your constipation to worsen. For effective overnight relief of occasional constipation, trust Dulcolax. Each small tablet contains a precisely measured amount of the active ingredient Bisacodyl. This ensures that Dulcolax tablets are dependable after taking an individual dose. Dulcolax helps to soften the stool and make it pass through more quickly; however, as with all laxatives, Dulcolax should not be taken daily or for extended periods.


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Cheers to being regular!

This post has been generously sponsored by Dulcolax, but the thoughts and opinions are our own.