RSVP now for an exclusive book signing and cocktail reception for Adria Vasil's latest novel, Ecoholic Body, at Consonant Skincare

We love Adria Vasil, green activist and advice-giver behind NOW’s long-running Ecoholic column. Her newest novel, Ecoholic Body, (which is 100% recycled and vegetable-dyed), is full of must-have info: she breaks down virtually every product that comes into contact with our bodies. We’re considering this our new bible to help live life toxin-free.

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To Earth Hour or Not to Earth Hour?

Once a year for the past half decade, Earth Hour (happening this year on March 26th at 8:30 pm) has swept the globe with a request that everyone switch off their lights, along with whichever electrical appliances can be spared, for one hour. Last year, over 126 countries participated in the event – that means… Read More »

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