Veronica Franco

Born 1546 – Died 1591 By Jen Houston  Why We Should Care: Veronica Franco became one of Venice’s most revered courtesans after a failed teenage marriage left her with few options. As a courtesan, she was awarded privileges not extended to other females at the time, such as education. Respected by male nobility, Veronica became… Read More »

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Sappho circa 630 B.C.

Why we should care: This lyric poet from the Greek Island of Lesbos was so damn good that Plato referred to her as the tenth muse. Take that Feist. Her verses wax poetic upon braiding the ladies of Lesbos’ hair with rosebuds, winding their necks with crocuses and dripping myrrh on their heads. Reading these… Read More »

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Qiu Jin (1875-1907)

by Lizzie Why we should care: Ever gone to the Bata Shoe Museum and felt queasy from the three inch long shoes worn by Chinese women with bound feet? Well back in the early 1900s Qiu Jin said no to size one shoes, left her aging hubbie, began a journal advocating for Chinese women’s rights… Read More »

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Margaret Thatcher, 1925 –

by Reta Robinson Why we should care This Iron Lady of British politics was the first and only female prime minister of the land of tea and scones. As PM from 1979 – 1990, she lobbied for environmental issues, allied herself with the US in the cold war, and survived an IRA bombing in Brighton… Read More »

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Josephine Baker

(June 3, 1906 – April 12, 1975)  by Bea Wayne Why We Should Care:  This entertainer extraordinaire and American ex-patriot not only captivated audiences worldwide with her dancing, charisma and sensuality, she also used her art to combat segregation in the United States.   Three Traits We Admire: Her promotion of diversity.  The original Angelina, she… Read More »

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