NXNEXPERIMENT II Fills a Kensington Market Alley-Hideaway with Day-Partiness at it's Finest

North By North East: The week of never-ending musical explosions taking over every massive venue and spilling out of every hidden corner. When I wasn’t laying blissfully in the grass while being serenaded acoustically at Live in Bellwoods, I roamed around checking out awesome indie band showcases for NXNE that were slightly off the beaten path, yet no… Read More »

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The guys behind Live in Bellwoods: Great Heart Fest, Humble Empire, talk music, vegan picnics, parties, and their beloved park

Every year, the guys from Humble Empire throw a mini-festival in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Live in Bellwoods has become a beloved annual event, and this year they’re echoing the love by renaming it the Live in Bellwoods Great Heart Festival. We’re partnering with them for this year’s fest, which features some amazing bands, both local… Read More »

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She Does The City is excited to partner with Humble Empire and Young Lions Music Club to present Live in Bellwoods: Great Heart Festival 2012

Ah, Live in Bellwoods. A time of lounging in the sun and listening to always memorable and often unexpected sets from your favourite bands. A time when everyone at NXNE, wristband or no, ID or no, can gather in the park and enjoy awesome tunes and each other. This year, the totally free performance series… Read More »

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