Pretty Glam Things: A playlist

A playlist in celebration of David Bowie is, opening Sept. 25 at the AGO, and the glam rock genre he helped popularize. David Bowie “Ziggy Stardust” Mott the Hoople “All the Young Dudes” T. Rex “20th Century Boy” Lou Reed “Walk on the Wild Side” Mick Ronson “Growing Up and I’m Fine” Bryan Ferry “The… Read More »

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Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show at the Design Exchange

Wanna get happy? Graphic designer, typographer, and David-Byrne-and-Lou-Reed collaborator Stefan Stagmeister has spent 10 years exploring happiness (because really, is there anything better to think about?), and presents his findings as a series of maxims, handwritten in unexpected places, like bathrooms and elevators, all over the Design Exchange. The maxims, the bright yellow walls, and… Read More »

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New York Playlist

New York is basically regarded as being the greatest city ever. It’s an easy thing to question, but then you do something like compile a chronological playlist of songs by New York City musicians (and a couple of transplants) over the past 50 years and realize; yeah, this city is pretty alright. ~ Caitlyn Holroyd

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SDTC Talks To Passion Pit

by Haley Cullingham Passion Pit is on the phone with us from Texas, and they’re riding dirty: “I could probably be on the phone holding a shot gun while driving and they’d be all right with it,” says Jeff Apruzzese , of his drive through the original home of the outlaws.

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