Photo Gallery! The Christian Louboutin exhibit at The Design Exchange is a thrilling fantasy

The Christian Louboutin exhibit at the Design Exchange, running until Sept. 15, will capture your imagination whether you are a shoe addict or not. Provocative, sexy, delicate, elegant; every shoe on display captures a moment in time, and the impressive scope of the exhibit will have you dreaming up a wild variety of fantasies—especially when you enter… Read More »

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Power Ball 11: It's One Louder

How do you go one louder than decadence? Is it possible? Boasting a theme of Decadence, Power Ball last year smelled of sex, money and booze. Swap money for pork, throw in a 1970’s caravan and a dirty hot tub full of the promiscuous Kings of Queen West and you’ve got one louder: T-R-A-S-H. 

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