The Christian Louboutin exhibit at the Design Exchange, running until Sept. 15, will capture your imagination whether you are a shoe addict or not. Provocative, sexy, delicate, elegant; every shoe on display captures a moment in time, and the impressive scope of the exhibit will have you dreaming up a wild variety of fantasies—especially when you enter the dark fetish tunnel.

I appreciate a hot pair of pumps, but my personal shoe wardrobe is modest; I rarely splurge on heels and it’s doubtful I will ever own a pair of Louboutins. But I have met women who are avid shoe collectors.

One time I was invited into the “shoe room” of a Forest Hill mansion while a woman spent an hour showing off her robust collection of heels that easily amounted to $200,000. It was a fascinating peek into another world. Lying on her carpet, I watched as she carefully opened each box and rustled tissue paper to reveal ornate shoe after ornate shoe. She relayed in detail the story behind each purchase, and I left her house rolling my eyes thinking of how many ways money could be better spent.

A whimsical tour through the Louboutin exhibit changed my opinion. I certainly have a new appreciation for shoe as art, and while I still think that woman’s personal collection was excessive, I get how one can be easily seduced. While circling the carousel of shoes at the Design Exchange, I was pleasantly surprised to experience what you may call a shoegasm.

Stillettos, lace-up boots, studded sneakers: The colours, shapes, and details demand careful attention, and each shoe embodies a strong personality. It’s an incredibly fun exhibit that will have you in awe of Louboutin’s extraordinary talent as a designer. And you don’t have to own a pair to appreciate it.


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