Ryan Gosling Nail Wraps, You Guys

Hey girl, you like nail art? INNI Nails wants you to wrap your digits in Gosling. The new beauty website, which specializes in fun, affordable nail wraps, allows you to pick your fav Ryan Gosling pics (or anything else, you can design your own nail art or select from the world’s largest collection of user-generated… Read More »

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Step-by-Step DIY Nail Art

We’re experimenting with eyelashes, newspaper and ombre! Here are three simple but creative manicures that are easy for you to try at home. Put A Tired Pair of Eyelashes to Good Use! After you apply a base coat, paint on two layers of nude nail polish.  You can use any shade you like, just keep… Read More »

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Weekly DIY: Nail art

I pretty much can’t believe that I’m sitting here writing a post about nail art. I have never, I repeat, never tried any funny business with my nails. I’m a straight up solid color-wearing, toes and fingers-matching, pink-to-red spectrum-sporting bore. In fact, nine out of 10 times, you will catch me with my nails au-natural.… Read More »

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Incredible nail art trends at Sparks Salon

OOOOOMG! DID YOU SEE HER NAILS?! We say this on the regular these days, it seems—there is just so much incredible nail art out there! What a curious and glamorous trend. We loveee it. So what’s new and hot in the nail art world? We asked our fabulous friends at Sparks Salon (1004 King St. W.) to… Read More »

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