Nightwood Theatre’s Annual FemCab 2013 Celebrates Feminist Performance in Toronto

When you invite a friend to attend a feminist cabaret with you, you don’t always anticipate that she will be coerced into going onstage, divulging some personal emotional information, then get applauded for her participation and openess. Nightwood Theatre’s yearly FemCab is a staple of feminist performance in Toronto. This 2013 show was irreverent, poignant and extremely… Read More »

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All-Female Company Nightwood Theatre’s Production of The Penelopiad is a Visual Feast

Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad, directed by Kelly Thornton and produced by the all-women theatre company Nightwood Theatre,offers a contemporary perspective of The Odyssey as retold by Penelope, Odysseus’ wife. Atwood reframes the myth’s patriarchal foundation by acknowledging existing gender and class issues and questioning the ethics of its characters.  Originally a novella, the script of the theatrical version is… Read More »

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