Office attire for the dog days of summer

The summer blazer of our dreams: Smythe Pajama Blazer in Cobalt. WANT! Fall and winter in Canada beckon for wools and knits—dressing for the office is a cinch. And while my heart aches for the Bay Street gentlemen I pass on my morning commute, braving scorching days in head-to-toe wool while looking so handsome in… Read More »

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Summer Office Attire

Ok, ok, ok, so some of you will read this and thank me for uselessly stating the obvious. But in the spirit of common sense not being common, here are some good parameters for your summer office wardrobe. • Look around. Every place is different. In some offices, sun dresses are fine. In others, forbidden. Take your cues from your superiors, rather than just your… Read More »

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Office Party Disasters

Why is it that holiday office parties go so horribly awry? We’ve heard several Toronto tales of outlandish behaviour but these three hold a special place in our heart: The middle aged lady had just started working at the festival and feeling festive at a karaoke bar, decided to stand on a tray – suited… Read More »

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Exercise and the Office

Is your groin burning? Do your calves ache? Does your chest feel like a sumo wrestler is giving you a deep pectoral massage? No, I’m not inquiring if you have crabs or tried that bewildering new sex trick from Cosmo (the latter is a crock; just try rolling over). I’m talking about exercise, and what… Read More »

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