philosophy beauty products for the holidays and the best scented contest ever!

Like most girls, we at She Does The City love ourselves a good beauty product. Makeup, body lotions, nail polish, you name it, we’re into it. And lately we’ve really been feeling anything by philosophy, especially during the holiday season. The simple but decadent and sodeliciouslyyummy-smelling bath and body products both delight our senses and treat… Read More »

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Stuff to keep in your purse to avoid feeling like an ashtray drenched in a brewery keg after a night out that didn't end in your own bed

We all have our pre-party rituals. Whether it’s scarfing down a greasy cheeseburger, or doing a few reps of the sun salutation, you’ve got prepping for a night out down pat. However,  after a crazy night out, there is the distinct possibility that you may not be coming back to crash at your own pad.… Read More »

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Beauty Crush

by Rebecca Shrimpton This Sunday night, whether you’re making out with your date or going out with your girlfriends, you’ll want to look good, and these crush worthy goodies will have you feeling the love all valentines, sweetness. 

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