We all have our pre-party rituals. Whether it’s scarfing down a greasy cheeseburger, or doing a few reps of the sun salutation, you’ve got prepping for a night out down pat. However,  after a crazy night out, there is the distinct possibility that you may not be coming back to crash at your own pad. That’s okay. However, there’s nothing more disconcerting showing up to your part time job/brunch with the parents/or other post night-out endeavour looking and feeling like an ashtray drenched in a brewery keg. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. With a little creative packing, you can fit all this in your purse. So whether you’re the Edie Sedgwick of your social set, or just having a well deserved weekend bender, here are ten tried, true and tested post-party essentials to keep you pretty, at least on the outside.

1. A small water spray bottle: It doesn’t matter if you’re glamming it up with Evian spray, or just refilling your glasses cleaner bottle with tap water (or, y’know, San Pellegrino if you feel extra fancy). This is an instant refresher.

2. Baby Powder: Whether you clandestinely fiddle with the baby powder at your nearest Shoppers, steal some from your bedfellow, or carry a little bit in your purse, this stuff works not only as dry shampoo, it also is a great makeshift deodorant. Another plus? It’s cheap volumizer, so feel free to accessorize yesterday’s, smudgey eye makeup with some Bardot inspired volume.

3. Philosophy’s “Miracle Worker” Anti-Aging Retinoid Pads: If you’re wondering why we included these heaven-sent anti-aging pads, it’s not because we wanted you to freak out about aging. Actually, these vitamin A drenched pads are an amazing makeup remover, as well as an on-the-go face cleaner, for when you don’t have access to your skin care regimen.

4. A Perfume Roller Ball: If your go-to scent comes in mini roller ball form, be sure to stick this in your purse. You’ll smell lovely, even if your breath doesn’t. What if you can’t grab a mini version of your fave perfume? Grab a sample or two at your nearest Sephora, and once you’re done with the bottles, syphon a little of your own perfume into them.

5. Sunglasses: All the better with to hide your bloodshot eyes. The bigger, the better. Glide through the streets as if you’re a celebrity, darling.

6. Barrettes, bobby pins, a headband or a hair elastic: Somehow, things always seem a little better whenever you’ve changed your hairstyle just a tiny smidge.

7. A mantra: Yes. We are getting all new-agey on you here. Whether you’ve scrawled “it’s never as bad as the text messages have led you to believe,” or something slightly more “deep and existential” on a piece of paper, sometimes we need a little reminding that yes, you will survive that hangover headache/Facebook picture spam/awkward lunch date you made by accident just so that they would stop talking to you.

8. A good dark eyeliner that smudges: Smudgey dark eyeliner is one style statement that doesn’t take a painstaking amount of time and looks good, no matter the situation.

9. A silk scarf: Whether tied around your neck to hide the infamous love bite, or wrapped as a makeshift turban or headband, a silk scarf injects a bit of Grace Kelly to an otherwise grunged out appearance.

10. Vitamins: We’re a fan of popping one multivitamin, one fish oil capsule, two folic acid pills, one Vitamin C and two aspirin after a long night out. Your body will thank you, we promise.

~ Natasha Hunt