Friends With Kids is a rom-com with a powerhouse cast and relationship real talk

In Friends With Kids, writer and director Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein) and BFF (played by Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott) make a pretty crazy decision. After watching their best friends reproduce and rapidly descend into romanceless nuclear familial hell, they decide that their desire for kids shouldn’t rob them of their desire for the… Read More »

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Away We Go

By Heather Christie  How many films begin with a couple of decadent hipsters performing oral sex in a postage-stamp-sized hovel somewhere in northern-middle-America? Ok, so maybe not that many, but you must know that general feeling of laissez-faire shabby-chic that pervades all too many flicks being produced these days.  She (Maya Rudolph), an artiste and… Read More »

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