A timeline of my celebrity crushes

I’ve left a long trail of celebrity crushes over the years, but the following are the ones I remember most fondly and who will forever hold a piece of my young, fangirl heart. 1994: Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT) At one point in time, every girl was in love with JTT – and really, how could you… Read More »

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The Bang Bang Club, Directed by Steven Silver

The Bang Bang Club is an amazing film set in South Africa just before the fall of Apartheid. Newcomer Greg (Ryan Phillipe) joins a gang of photojournalists from a Johannesburg paper who take their lives into their hands when they enter the townships during violent altercations, to capture a true picture of what is happening… Read More »

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"And the Oscar doesn't go to" ??

Ever uttered the phrase “Ohmigod, you’ve never seen Labyrinth” (or Empire Records, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and immediately whipped out the VHS? You know the drill: you’re going on and on about how awesome puppets are, then it seems a wicked idea to insist everyone drop everything cause (trust me, guys) you’ll all effing… Read More »

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