Nothing Comes Between Me and My Kevins

We have fun at Toronto Fashion Week. Some people might wear their perma-sunglass shield, or look perpetually constipated in photographs, but we at She Does the City like to actually be really joyous about being in a place where everyone is super-good looking and talented. Basically, we’re keen on showing the energy under this tent.… Read More »

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Toronto's Hottest and Hautest Vintage Gypsy-Seller Puts Down Roots at New Dundas West Boutique, Magwood 

Sarah Magwood is like a fashion-octopus in the Toronto scene: she reaches out to those with a fine vintage aesthetic via her Etsy page and her eclectic blog and her impeccable taste has sparkled at pop-up events held at Chasse Gardée and The Drake Hotel. You may also remember a certain stunning photo gracing NOW Magazine’s cover, which… Read More »

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