This Emotional Rescue Form Is A Game-Changer

Feeling stressed or anxious? Dealing with a creeping case of the SADs? On the verge of a freak out but not sure if you’re mostly just hungry? Enter Emotional Rescue. The brainchild of local writer Audra Williams, the form gets you to break down your feelings step by step: What am I upset about right… Read More »

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How Discovering Reiki Changed My Outlook On Life

My friend was skeptical at first. He lay on his bed. “I’m so anxious these days,” he said, “my masters is just so much pressure.” My cupped hands hover above his chest. There is a two-inch space separating my hands and his chest. Between us there is air, energy and of course, his anxiety. It… Read More »

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We talk to Josey Vogels about her new book, what good sex means and how she built her career as a sex journalist

Sex is kind of like cooking: you can experiment forever, there’s always room for improvement, and sometimes you want comfort food while other times call for something a little more spicy and exotic. It also tastes good and makes you go Mmmmmmmmmm. Josey Vogels has been a sex and relationship journalist since the early 90s;… Read More »

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You, you and more YOU

How do you view yourself?  Are you connected to your body, mind, feelings and spirit?  As someone who has overcome an eating disorder, the big gift is that in order to heal, I had to develop a relationship with myself on many levels.  The four main ones were my body, mind, feelings and spirit.  … Read More »

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