Our resident Life Coach, Jennifer Schramm, is writing a book (BRAVO!!!) and is seeking five volunteers (anonymous….don’t worry) to help as case studies. Free Life Coaching people!

Jenn is looking to work with five women in a confidential case study. What’s in it for you? Four free hours of life coaching by phone. Really, do you have anything to lose? I’ve personally spent thousands on self-help.

A professional, that I highly recommend, Jennifer teaches, supports and inspires others to live real, ignite their passions, unleash their gifts and to believe in themselves. Jennifer assists people in knowing, loving and accepting themselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Don’t pretend that your weekend vice can do the same!  You can check out her website www.jenniferschramm.com

If the following rings true (like eighty percent of us) then you should apply!

– Stressed out and anxious about where your life is heading?
– Recently went through a major relationship breakup and feel lost or distressed about, well, life?
– You hate your job but feel locked in and aren’t sure how to proceed with a new plan- but know you’ve got to change or else…
– Have big questions that you need help answering?
– Have you struggled with an eating disorder or personal confidence issue for far too long?

Again, this is a totally confidential case study and a wonderful way for you to work out your issues with a professional that is totally free!

Take advantage woman! Get an outside professional opinion to help you with your worries. Girlfriends are WONDERFUL but sometimes seeking outside help is just what you need to feel better and propel things forward.

To apply e-mail confidential@jenniferschramm.com and in the body of your e-mail, express the concerns you’d like to address.

Here at Shedoesthecity – we are ALL FOR anything that can enhance confidence, happiness and security and there is no one we’d recommend more than Jenn.

Here’s to a life lived to the fullest!