A Case for Polyamory

This whole, “men are more sexual than women” thing has got to go. I’ve been in plenty of relationships with male-identified outties (like, they have penises) who aren’t able to keep up with my sexual appetite. The same, in fact, goes for the women-identified innies (like, they have vaginas) with whom I’ve been involved.  The only… Read More »

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To bootycall or not to bootycall

So Miss Counter,  I’m dating Trev, a Bay St. Trader. We’ve been going at it for a month now and having a great time. Trev loves to cuddle up with a crime flick, take our dogs for long walks and slurp oysters on the weekend but he also LOVES to get smashed with the boys… Read More »

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Dear Rosemary, I’m 32 and have been married for two years—much of which was long distance as my husband and I were both in law school. We’re finally in the same place—we bought a house, got a mortgage and a Jack Russell—and BAM I find a note in his e-mail that he’s been sleeping with… Read More »

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Red In The Face

Dear Rosemary, I just moved to Montreal, and I don’t know a lot of people here, but I started dating this really attractive guy. He asked me out at work, and he seemed like a total catch – he takes me out for dinner, he has a gorgeous downtown apartment, he’s an awesome dancer and… Read More »

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Not Tonight, Or Ever

Dear Rosemary, In the past few months, I started dating a guy friend of mine who I had always known had a bit of a crush on me. I totally adore him: he’s smart, sweet and sensitive and amazing to spend time with. There’s just one big problem: he never wants to have sex. We’ve… Read More »

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Guys Talk: The Butthole Edition

THE QUESTION: My boyfriend watches a lot of porn, and mentioned to me in passing that bleached anuses look a lot better on girls than au naturel. Is anal bleaching regular practice in your experience? Does it make a big difference? Do you think it makes girls look better, or too much like a porn… Read More »

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