Last week, after eating an entire package of Chips Ahoy chewey cookies in one go, I made the mistake of asking my boyfriend to police my eating habits. “I can’t be trusted!” I blathered, “I have one taste of sugar and all I want is more! I need YOU to help me so I don’t… Read More »

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Honestly Confused Dude

Dear MJ,I was on a date with a girl the other night and told her she looked a few months pregnant in the top she was wearing. It didn’t go over so well. She was obviously offended because she ate the rest of her meal in silence and the night went downhill from there. I… Read More »

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November 20, 2008

Dear Diary, Friends kept telling me "As soon as you stop looking, that’s when you’ll meet someone." I think they were right. Last time I wrote I was feeling like my search for Mr. Right was going nowhere. I was dating one cute nobody after another, and just wanted to finally meet a great guy.… Read More »

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November 13, 2008

Dear Diary, It has been one year, 8 months and 26 days since I had a real boyfriend. I had ended things with him because I wanted to go out and really “date”, because at that point I’d only had long term boyfriends. Since then I have probably kissed, fooled around with, or dated way… Read More »

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This weekend my boyfriend and I went for dinner with our good friend Chloe and her new boyfriend Pat. Now Chloe and Pat’s relationship absolutely reeks of the infatuation stage, and their timid handholding, soft whispers and shared little giggles are absolutely adorable (I’m talking fluffy baby kittens playing in a box with tissue paper… Read More »

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