A Quick Hello from Our New Associate Editor

Hi ladies and gentlemen and Internet Dogs and whoever else makes up the beautiful and diverse readership I have begun to refer to in my head as “shedoesthebitties” (think about it), HI! My name is Monica Heisey and I am a 25 year old Toronto-born writer, comedian, and as of today, associate editor of Shedoesthecity.… Read More »

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Contributor Spotlight: Lindsay Tapscott

“Everything I do,” writes Lindsay Tapscott in her Twitter bio, “is part of a bigger plan to have Beyoncé hold me.” Lindsay is funny. Really, really funny. She’s a renaissance woman, and spends some of her time writing about fashion for SDTC. She’s also contributed to WORN Fashion Journal, and is obsessed with Joni Mitchell. Currently,… Read More »

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The Day of Big Change is 10 days away! Here’s what Shedoesthecity writers are planning. What will you do?

If you are between the ages of 16 and 29, and want to be included in our Day of Big Change round-up, then send your idea (using format above as a guide) to jenmcneely@shedoesthecity.comby Feb 23rd. We also encourage you to upload your Day of Big Change action plan on the Think Big/Start Small website. By uploading your inspiring… Read More »

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