Baseball Stats And You: It’s Time

We’ve now passed the halfway mark in the regular baseball season and you’re a certifiable baseball babe. You’ve watched the games both at home and in the Skydome and you get the basics of how the game works. You’re so down with the terminology that you know that a “force” isn’t a Star Wars reference… Read More »

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The DOs and DON’Ts of Going to a Blue Jays Game

May was a pretty amazing month for the Blue Jays. Individual successes include Edwin Encarnacion hitting 16 home runs, tying the legendary Mickey Mantle for the all-time American League record in the month of May. And as of June 1st Mark Buehrle became the first MLB pitcher to reach 10 wins. Collectively, the boys in… Read More »

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An Open Letter to Brett Lawrie and His Moustache

Dear Brett, A few questions for you. What? When? How? But most importantly, why? WHY? WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY AUHGAUAGHGAUAHGUGAHUGAHHGAUGAH. Confused? GOOD. Because now you know how I felt on Tuesday evening when I went to the Blue Jays game and saw that you had somehow, over the course of a day, gotten yourself a teen-stache. At first… Read More »

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