Wedding Registry

Wedding registries are like the ultimate holiday wish list. It’s the only time in your life (unless you’re Liz Taylor, bless her soul) where you can make the longest list of lavish gifts and get at least 85 per cent of them. To avoid getting the usual plethora of serving bowls and food processors you… Read More »

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Out of Town Wedding Venues

While we here at She Does the City are generally about, erm, doing the city, we’ll be the first to admit that an escape from the urban is necessary to maintain sanity. Consider the out-of-town wedding a getaway from the smoggy core without having to convince your wedding party to fly to Cancun.

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Wedding Gowns and Dresses

When it comes to wedding dresses the ‘it’s all about ME! ME! ME!’ attitude is encouraged. Nay, it’s essential. It’s the only garment that will follow you for the rest of your life, so you really ought to make it a good one.   

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Wedding Cakes

Cake design is an underrated form of art. What some of these artists can do with just sugar, butter and their imagination is almost too splendid for the undignified fate of ingestion. But if you, like us, find joy in biting the head off a sugary replica of bridal you, consider this list a goldmine. 

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