Combat Winter Skin With Shoppers Drug Mart

As much as we’ve come to embrace and enjoy the unpredictability of winter in Ontario, there’s one thing we can ALWAYS count on – dry skin. Fortunately, Shoppers Drug Mart has our bods covered with skin care products formulated to combat the chilly adversity. Our current go-to is Nivea’s Extra Nourishing Body Milk. There’s nothing quite like… Read More »

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Best Winter Skin Care

With the days getting shorter, winds picking up, and the mercury creeping towards zero, it’s time to switch up your skincare regimen.  Winter will wreak havoc on your epidermis – dry hands, chapped cheeks, and overall dehydration are all common symptoms.  As with everything in life, the key is prevention: hydrate now, evade dryness in February, and… Read More »

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