By Shelley Budd
Summer patios, Third Beach dance-downs and backyard gatherings all have one thing in common – they’re outside! Great, but – August has just brought a slight chill to the night air. So? Get a party jacket!

A party jacket is no bulky coat or, god forbid, a hoodie – it is a much more dignified means to keep going until the sun makes its eventual, warm return. A party jacket, a) can be easily added over whatever outfit you might have on, or b) is a glitzy show-stopper that whips classic black jeans and t-shirt into a look that’s highly enviable. Both keep you toasty enough for a sandy, late night promenade with a buttery-tanned stud or at least a dirty street mow-down on some smoked meat poutine from Fritz.

The “jacket” got it’s roots from the French “jaquette,” either a man’s morning coat or the jacket of a lady’s suit, and sticking to tradition, here are a few awesome party jackets that bring tingles to our bare arms.

Anthropologie Tomasina Blazer.

Puff-Sleeve Open Blazer.

The Confetti Cocktail Jacket.

Coin Hessian Jacket.

BTW- here’s two party dress STEALS from French Connection: