There are multiple ways to access the rich wisdom that already lies within you. The Quiet Company wants to help you tap into your inner voice, because although we don’t always know what it’s trying to tell us, it can often be an instrument in guiding us through tough decisions or everyday life.

Society often puts more importance on rational, logical decisions; The Quiet Company believes that your intuition, or “gut feeling,” can often be just as (if not more) useful than what your head is telling you.

Led by Ayah Norris, The Quiet Company is hosting an intuition workshop on Monday, January 22nd from 7 to 8 PM at Health Hut (786 College Street).

You will learn the basics of what intuition is and the different ways it can speak to us. Ayah Norris will teach you how to access your own intuition and connect with what you really need. Leave the workshop with key knowledge on how to balance the intelligence of your head and the wisdom of your heart.

This workshop is open to all levels and experiences.