Where you live: Who needs to travel when Toronto has every country within its own? I have lived in India for the past year. Okay, no — I live in Little India. And if you, like me back in May, didn’t know it existed, it’s Gerrard St. E!
What you do: I am a struggling student journalist at Ryerson University…and when I am not vigorously writing “award winning” stories, you can find me seating people and running around Mill Street Brew Pub in the Distillery District.
Favourite places to shop: I absolutely love Ossington Ave, which is lined with the sweetest little vintage stores…and when I need a break from perusing the endless racks of clothing from my grandmother’s era, I can stop in to one of the several bars which fall between each store for a quick pick-me-up!
Music you can’t stop listening to: For just an all around feel good band at anytime during the day, I would have to say Fleetwood Mac!
Perfect Friday night: Mmmm…a perfect Friday night? I am in my element when it consists of a nice dinner out with my girlfriends AND a bottle of wine — or two, or three, or…
What is your secret style weapon? I feel as though no outfit is complete without a funky pair of earrings! My favourite set these days are my feather earrings… I was told not to venture by bodies of water though, as apparently I would be gobbled up by a fish who is used to seeing them as fly-fishers!
Where did you get them? I usually get my earrings at thrift stores (yes, kind of gross seeing as they have been in someone else’s ears…but there is something called sterilization!) but my first pair of feather earrings came from a boutique in Victoria. However, I just started making my own because I realized how easily it could be done…so I guess you could say I get my earrings in the fly-fishing section of outdoor shops.
Why do you love them? They bring me back to my roots in the forest…. Oh, and they’re just a fun accessory!
If you lost them, you would…: I would…make a new pair??
Website: www.tatomme.blogspot.com and www.axesummergig.ca