After a successful run in 2020, we’re happy to see the return of Porchside Songs. Toronto needs some cheering up, and one can’t help but smile when music hits the street, especially when the performances are absolutely breathtaking. 

The Musical Stage Company has chosen to revive their summer concert series of live musical cabarets, which once again offers a COVID safe experience to small outdoor audiences.  You and a group of ten family members, friends and neighbours can enjoy a physically distanced mini-concert, performed outdoors on a front porch, a yard or even a dock. 

“Last summer, PORCHSIDE SONGS proved how music can foster connectedness and hope.  After a challenging year for Torontonians, we are thrilled to be supporting more artists this summer and offering more opportunities to safely and responsibly enjoy the transformative power of live music,” says Mitchell Marcus, Artistic and Managing Director of The Musical Stage Company.

This 40-minute performance will be sure to bring you joy, social connection and community, all the while adhering to Toronto Public Health guidelines. The musical storytelling of Porchside Songs will include artists Sara Farb and Britta Johnson; Jewelle Blackman and Evangelia Kambites; Gabi and Jake Epstein; Saccha Dennis and David Atkinson and will begin on June 8th. 

We can’t wait to hear the sounds of song and laughter vibrate through Toronto’s streets again. 

Visit The Musical Stage Company’s website to book your concert now.