Everything is connected, so if you want to help the environment, think about what you’re putting on your plate. An innovative new dining event is aimed at shining a spotlight on how regenerative farming practices can help the earth: The New Feast.

At this gathering, you’ll enjoy a multi-course, sit-down dinner cooked by some of Ontario’s best chefs: Carl Heinrich (Richmond Station, Toronto), Paula Naverette (Momofuku Kōjin, Toronto), Rich Francis (Seventh Fire, Six Nations) and Leona Nymann. You’ll dine side-by-side with the farmers who produced the food, and you’ll also get a tour of a working organic farm, followed by dessert served around a campfire.

“It is undeniable the damage that our current system for agriculture has done to our soil, our health, and the future of the food that we eat. There are a lot of things that need to change, but it won’t start with policy, it has to start with the demand for the types of food that make our soils healthier,” says Carl Heinrich. “Our goal with The New Feast is to create more demand and support the producers who are already making a difference.”

The New Feast is happening on Saturday, September 21 in Creemore, ON. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind event: grab your tickets here